Status detail: Connectivity

Initial update: 2017-08-25 10:04:10

Latest update: 2017-08-25 15:49:55

Current status: Resolved

25th August 2017 at 15:49: Resolved: Connectivity
25th August 2017 at 11:09: Monitoring: Connectivity
Emergency maintenance is now complete
25th August 2017 at 10:28: Resolving: Connectivity
We shall be performing emergency maintenance at 11 AM that will cause a ten minute interruption to internet connectivity and telephony services for some customers.
25th August 2017 at 10:18: Identified: Connectivity
Issue with Core router has been identified.
25th August 2017 at 10:04: Investigating: Connectivity
We are aware of connectivity issues that are affecting our Global Switch 2 datacenter. Some hosted services might be affected - this includes the voice customers that connect to our network from other Internet Providers.