Status detail: Connectivity – Southampton Science Park

Initial update: 2021-05-27 12:36:53

Latest update: 2021-06-09 12:22:54

Current status: Resolved

9th June 2021 at 12:22: Resolved: Connectivity – Southampton Science Park
27th May 2021 at 12:36: Investigating: Connectivity – Southampton Science Park
We are aware of an issue with the following services at the University of Southampton Science Park.

• Edge building connectivity
• Interbuilding links

This is due to a fault on the power supply into the park, which we believe to be a part of a wider fault in the Southampton area. This fault started at approx. 11:33 on 27th May 2021.

Gamma POP services are not affected due to on-site power generation maintaining power and services.

We will keep you up to date as and when the situation changes when we have more information or within 4 hours (whichever comes first).

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you require any further information or believe you are experiencing a fault not outlined above, please do not hesitate to contact support on 02380 111 222.