Status detail: Connectivity – Leased Lines

Initial update: 2016-06-01 14:14:47

Latest update: 2016-06-06 10:52:33

Current status: Resolved

6th June 2016 at 10:52: Resolved: Connectivity – Leased Lines
We have received an RFO from Colt as follows:

Colt experienced a major network incident which occurred on the 01st June and following a brief period of stability re-occurred on the 2nd of June in the London region. The major network incident was due to excessive testing by a customer of their broadcast services. The testing caused a spike in traffic utilisation in the network and event flooding. The customer has agreed to cease testing. Colt has mitigated further instances via revoking access control to the testing portal and reviewing all planned deliveries of new service. Colt is reviewing an upgrade plan to current capacity.
1st June 2016 at 17:42: Monitoring: Connectivity – Leased Lines
Colt have not officially provided any further information on this incident. We are no longer seeing packet loss on the affected circuits. This incident only affected circuits based on Colt's Hub and Spoke topology, and not those using point-to-point technology.
1st June 2016 at 14:19: Identified: Connectivity – Leased Lines
Colt have acknowledged that they have a Major Network Outage in London. We are awaiting an update from them and will provide further updates here as soon as we can.
1st June 2016 at 14:14: Investigating: Connectivity – Leased Lines
We are experiencing an issue with Colt-based circuits in London which is leading to 25% packet loss or higher on some services. We are working with the supplier to investigate the cause of this.